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A 3 day course conducted by Dr Ong Chee Fatt. The course aims to cover:

  • Introduction to GIS
  • Data types (vector (points, polylines, polygons). raster), sources (spatial, non-spatial), spatial databases (shapefiles, geodatabases)
  • Map design (data - qualitative, quantitative)
  • Query data (attribute, spatial)
  • Spatial analysis (buffer, intersect, join)
  • Spatial reference (WGS84, SVY21)
  • Hands-on sessions (data - view, edit, analyse, display) with GIS software

Dr Ong Chee Fatt is a Course Chair/Senior Lecturer at the School of Architecture & the Built Environment, Singapore Polytechnic. He has conducted 20 runs of the Geospatial 101 course since Oct 2010.

For further details, please contact: Chua Lang Eng

(Email: chua_lang_eng@sp.edu.sg ; Tel: 67721012)